About Milieudefensie

Imagine a less wasteful world, a world in which we share the earth’s riches equally with one another, and with future generations. A world that doesn’t exhaust its natural resources. A world that is clean, healthy, sustainable and fair. This is the world that Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands) envisions for the future.

Big changes

That means some significant changes on the horizon – certainly in this wealthy country of ours. Just think about our agricultural system and our roadways or how we heat our homes or consume electricity. If we want to prevent global warming from continuing along its present path, some significant changes will have to be instituted. This is also true for the pollution that Dutch companies are responsible for in other countries.
These significant changes will be necessary if we hope to win our struggle against global warming.

The movement

These changes can only happen if lots of people are prepared to work together. That’s why Milieudefensie is striving to build a strong movement run by people committed to  a fair and sustainable Netherlands. We do this not only at home, but also abroad, as a member of Friends of the Earth International. United we are stronger.
Volunteers play a major role in all of our campaigns. They are the main reason we have achieved so much already. One example is their contribution to our successful campaign on the air quality in our cities.

Our youth organization, the JMA, encourages younger people up to the age of 28 to get involved in Milieudefensie campaigns. Get in touch with JMA.


Putting an end to climate change requires a lot of money. So, it’s only fair that we share the costs equally, for example, among rich and poor countries. We’re working on this with Friends of the Earth International, an organization of which Milieudefensie is a member.
In this country, we are also making an effort to divide the costs more equitably – between citizens and companies and between the wealthy  and those with more modest incomes. At this point, the wealthiest companies are paying very little while ordinary people bear a disproportionate share of the costs. Meanwhile, most of the  subsidies end up going to corporations, while-lower-income households receive very little to almost nothing.

Milieudefensie would like to change this scenario. We believe everyone needs to do his or her part if we are going to solve the issue of climate change. For instance, everyone should have the means to install solar panels, insulate their homes and buy sustainably produced food. We believe  the polluter should pay for these improvements. We call that fair transition.
Read more of our views on world issues and how we work (General Policy Plan 2016-2025).

Members, donors, volunteers and followers

Milieudefensie is an association in which the members decide our course of action. We have 55,000 members and 33,000 donors, and the numbers continue to increase. The contributions of our donors provides for  the majority of our funding.
More than 2,000 active volunteers contribute to our campaigns. They are also involved in the decision-making process. Our campaigns regularly reach and engage more than one million people.

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