The Climate Case against Shell

Despite the climate crisis, Shell continues to pollute. This has to stop. And that’s why we are suing Shell. Our trial begins in December. We’ll be up against one of the most powerful companies in the world. So we need your help! Help us with what you can spare. Will you join us?

Shell knew about it

Shell is the largest polluter in the Netherlands. The company emits twice as much CO2  as the entire Netherlands put together. Shell has known since the 1960s that oil and gas consumption is disastrous for the climate. But, despite this knowledge, the company has done nothing. In fact, Shell has been paying millions per year to lobby groups that deny the climate crisis.

So, what's the problem?

Finally, in 2015, 195 countries decided that oil, coal and gas should remain in the ground as much as possible. These 3 fuels are major causes of global warming. Shell maintains that it is living up to these Paris Agreements.

In practice, however, that is far from the truth. Shell simply continues drilling for oil and gas nonstop. Shell spends billions of euros every year on oil and gas exploration. This is how Shell endangers the future of our children and those of all the generations to follow.


Join our lawsuit

If we want to prevent the Earth from warming up more than 1.5°C, we need to take action NOW. And that is only possible if big polluters like Shell participate. That is why we started this lawsuit along with 17,379 co-plaintiffs and 6 other organisations.
With your support, we can win!

We use your donation to...

  • pay our attorney Roger Cox and his team;
  •  have the evidence investigated;
  • hire extra expertise to substantiate our case;
  • hire translators so that others can start similar legal proceedings in their countries;
  • make sure the whole world is made aware of our lawsuit. 

The Shell climate case