Overview of legal documents climate case against Shell

On April 4, 2018, we announced a lawsuit against Shell. We ask the court to force Shell to become more sustainable. Below is an overview of all legal documents of our Climate Case.

April 2018

Notice letter Shell

April 2019

Court summons

Oktober 2020

Statement on the record of the amendment of claim

November 2019

Statement of defence

November 2020

Statement on the record explaining the amendment of claim relief sought part 1 A

December 2020

Court day 1, December 1st

Notes on oral arguments 1

Notes on oral arguments 2


Pleading Notes part 1

Pleading notes part 2

Court day 2, December 3rd

Notes on oral arguments 3

Notes on oral arguments 4

Notes on oral arguments 5


Pleading notes part 3

11 December

Statement on the record of submission of additional exhibit

Court day 3, December 15th

Notes on oral arguments 6

Notes on oral arguments 7

Notes on oral arguments 8


Pleading notes applicable law

Pleading notes court's role

Pleading notes, facts and questions

Pleading notes science

Court day 4, December 17th

Notes on oral arguments 9


Pleading notes relief sought

30 December

Statement on the record of response to exhibit RK-37


Pleading notes substantive assessment

May 26 2021 the verdict: We won!

Englisch: Verdict climate case, Milieudefensie Shell
Español: Veredicto, Milieudefensie Shell
Français: Arrêt, Milieudefensie Shell

June 25 2021 letter to Shell

We wrote a letter to Shell in which we request for a meeting with Shell CEO, Ben van Beurden

Letter to Shell

March 7 2022: Legal Manual

Our Lawyer Roger Cox and his colleague Mieke van Reij wrote Defending the Danger Line. A legal manual on our court case.

March 22 2022: Shell's Statement of Appeal

This is the unofficial English translation from the Dutch original

October 18 2022: Statement of Defence on Appeal 

In the 250-page document, we respond to Shell's arguments and explain why Shell should stop causing dangerous climate change.

February 1st 2023: First expert statement on the likely effect of Shell's reduction obligation

This expert statement shows that Shell's argument, that if Shell would sell less oil and gas other companies would immediately fill that gap, is invalid ad that Shell's assumptions are incorrect.

February 1st 2023: Second expert statement by Rotmans and Loorbach

In this expert statement, the authors outline how delaying the verdict may buy Shell time, but it won't delay the transition. 

October 10th 2023: Statement of defense on appeal after joinder

On October 10th 2023 we sent our Statement of Defence on Appeal after joiner in our climate court case against Shell.