Timeline climate case Shell

In 2018 Milieudefensie decided to sue Shell. Here is the timeline of our climate case.

4th of april 2018

Milieudefensie sends a letter to Shell, asking them to stop causing climate change.


15th of may 2018: 10.000 co-plaintiffs

10.000 people in the Netherlands become co-plantiffs.

28th of may 2018: Reaction Shell

Shell states in a letter that it will not respond to the demands that Milieudefensie made. Shell doesn't find the demands justified.

12th of february 2019: 6 organizations join lawsuit against Shell

On February 12, a new letter was sent to Shell. This time with the message that ActionAid, BothEnds, Fossielvrij NL, Jongeren Milieu Actief, the Waddenvereniging and Greenpeace are joining the trial.

24th of March: more than 17.000 co-plaintiffs:

5th of april april 2019: Handing over of the summons

On this date  the summons were handed over to Shell in The Hague on behalf of 17,379 co-plaintiffs and 6 organizations.


17th of april 2019: Shell appears in court

Shell must report to the court on April 17 because they have been summoned. Shell has 3 months to respond to the contents of the summons. After which we will have time to reply as well. We expect to go to court for the first time in the beginning of 2020.