We are taking ING to court in a groundbreaking new climate case

We won our climate case against Shell in 2021. With the judgment in that case in our pocket, we are now filing suit against ING in Dutch court in relation to ING's inadequate climate policy.

The court’s decision in the climate case against Shell is clear: big companies are responsible for ensuring that their policy is compliant with the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015. This means that they must do their best to limit global warming to 1.5°C, to prevent the worst consequences of the climate crisis.

Why we're filing a climate suit against ING

What applies to Shell, applies to all large companies. That is why we asked 29 major polluters, including ING, about their climate plan. ING...

  • is the biggest bank in the Netherlands;
  • finances polluting companies with more money than all other Dutch banks;
  • and finances companies that are making the climate crisis worse with tens of billions;

It consequently emitted at least 61 megatons of greenhouse gases in 2022.

In short, ING´s climate plan is inadequate. By supporting big polluters, ING is contributing to dangerous climate change worldwide. This has to stop! That is why we are taking the bank to court.

Image in header: launch of our climate case against ING | Marten van Dijl