This is our warning letter to the board members of Shell

The board members of Shell are in control of Shell. But 1 year after the verdict, they still do not do what they should to comply with the verdict. That is why we send the board a warning letter with the message: take action. Otherwise the consequences are dire. Not only for Shell but for all of us.

Years after the judge's ruling, Shell has knowingly and willfully not acted to execute the verdict. That is why we have sent a letter to the board members of Shell pointing to their personal responsibility for not acting on the climate case verdict and continuing to violate human rights by causing dangerous climate change. 

This is what we ask the board of Shell

Shell is required by the court to have reduced all its emissions - from itself, its suppliers, and its products - by 45% by 2030 compared to 2019. Our letter contains evidence that Shell is doing far too little to reach that goal. And doing nothing has consequences. Not only for Shell but for all of us. That is why we ask for the following:

1. Reconsider your position

In the letter, we warn the board members that they have to be aware that it is willfully exposing Shell to potential damage claims that the company could never pay. This is a conscious decision by Shell’s Board, even when there is such little time left to prevent runaway climate change. For this, they can be held liable. 

2.  Stop misleading us

We also state in the letter that they must start communicating honestly about the content and consequences of Shell's current strategy. Shell is causing dangerous climate change and endangering human lives. According to the judge, this has serious and irreversible consequences that endanger human rights. Shell can help prevent this by complying with the judge's ruling.

No time to wait for the appeal

Climate change waits for no one. Not even on Shell. Shell must immediately start executing the sentence and reduce its emissions. The appeal is no reason not to start reducing emissions. Shell is already failing in this regard. The world is looking to Shell and other major polluters to do what it takes to stop dangerous climate change. It's not about waiting until it's too late, but about taking action now.