Our climate case against ING

We are suing ING in a ground breaking new climate case. Never before has a bank been sued in the Netherlands for its inadequate climate policy.

It is happening right in front of us. Everything that we, as a society, have been working toward, that you have been working toward, is at risk because climate change is threatening to go off the rails. Both here in the Netherlands and all over the world. Floods, droughts, and heat waves are leading to hunger, chaos, and dangerous situations for people.

Our political leaders have opted to look the other way and polluting companies do not want to change. Not truly. Your concerns are ignored. As if your voice does not count.

Together we have the power to change this

We have given polluting companies the opportunity to prepare and implement a good climate plan. Not only is hardly any company making progress, but the biggest bank in the Netherlands, ING, is not doing enough and continues to emit too much greenhouse gases. ING leaves us no other choice: we are taking the bank to court.

These are our demands

We demand that ING halves its total emissions. We also demand that ING stops its collaboration with polluting companies that continue to put our future at risk. This includes companies without a good climate plan, and oil and gas companies that continue to expand their projects. We demand that:

  1. ING sees to it that its climate policy is in accordance with the 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement;
  2. ING reduces its emissions by at least 48% CO2 and at least 43% CO2e in 2030 compared to 2019;
  3. ING, in addition, ensures that it is not linked to adverse climate impacts of large business clients.
    a. ING demands that all large corporate clients provide a good climate plan;
    b. ING ceases financing and supporting large corporate clients who do not have a good climate plan within one year;
    c. ING demands that fossil fuel clients stop fossil fuel expansion and draw up a good phase-out plan;
    d. ING ceases new financing and support for fossil fuel clients who continue fossil fuel expansion or who do not have a good phase-out plan;
    e. ING ceases all financing and support for fossil fuel clients who after a year continue fossil fuel expansion or who do not have a good phase-out plan; and
  4. ING engages in a conversation with Milieudefensie in order to properly give substance to the above-mentioned measures.

Would you like to know more about our climate case against ING?

Contact: press@foenl.org