How sustainable is our food?

Imagine eating only sustainably produced food. Food for which farmers have been paid a fair price. Food that has been grown without pesticides. Food that hasn’t been unnecessarily transported all over the world. And a food production system that takes people, animals and our earth into account.

The issue: How we currently deal with food is not sustainable

Where does the food we eat actually come from? How is it produced? More and more people are thinking about this issue, and that’s great. Right now, the production, distribution and consumption of our food is not environmentally friendly:

  • Global warming is increasing as a result
  • Plant and animal diversity is declining
  • Farmers in Europe can barely make ends meet
  • Farmers in developing countries are being driven off their land
  • Large corporations decide what we eat

 Milieudefensie is deeply concerned about these issues. It is clear that something needs to change. And it is possible!

The solution: Regional, fair and good for you

Fair and healthy farming – it’s not that difficult, actually. It’s about keeping a balance between how we produce and consume, and our environment. What can we do to achieve this?

  • Produce our food closer to home. This will allow us to close the gap between the farmer and the consumer. Farmers get to know their costumers and consumers find out where their food comes from.
  • Give farmers what they deserve. If you pay farmers a fair price, it will encourage them to take better care of their animals, their produce and nature. Meanwhile,  they earn a reasonable income.
  • Eat sustainably. To stimulate fair and healthy farming practices, it’s important that we all eat less meat and dairy.

What is Milieudefensie doing?

Milieudefensie builds on people power. Together we can change the way we deal with food. Milieudefensie brings farmers and people together in order to push companies and governments in the right direction. Together we raise the issues and show everyone that fair and healthy food production is possible. This ensures a transition that both farmers and consumers can believe in.

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